These prints were part of a print exchange show in El Paso,TX. 8x8 hosted by Horned Todad Prints.
Printed in handmade acid free paper, signed by the artists.

"Madre Buscadora"
These pice is talking about what is happening right now in Mexico, a group of mothers searching for their children. These women are doing what the government doesn't do. Its a hard reality here.

"A ver si nos encuentran"
These piece is a reflection of a serious problem also here in Mexico; clandestine graves. We are the 6º state (Jalisco) dealing with this issue. A thousands of people disappeared each year and the government is incapable of taking actions.

We know its a hard topic to talk about but is a reality here everyday.

Si eres de mexico mandanos un mensaje a luisxav76@gmail.com